Presentation Night
Monday, November 6
7瓖9 pm
Week 8: 10/30瓖11/3
  1. Exhibition Preparation
  2. due Thursday 11/2 at noon: Benchmark #6: Final Draft of Campaign Commercial
  3. due Friday 11/3: Benchmark #7: Complete Team Website
  4. due Friday 11/3: Blog for Week 8
On Monday November 6, the night before the coming election, your team will present a campaign television commercial on a specific issue or candidate to the registered voters of the MSAT community. The purpose of your ad is to persuade your audience on how to vote in the California election on the following day.
Your Task
Each team of four students will create the following products:
  1. a research brief on your issue or candidate
  2. a website compiling your research sources, commercial treatment, storyboard, and a blog documenting your progress on a weekly basis
  3. a campaign commercial (30 seconds or less) on one of the ballot initiatives or candidate races in the upcoming election
Your Success
Your success depends on:
  1. the quality of your research on your team's proposition or candidate
  2. your understanding of the art and science of voter persuasion
  3. your skill in video production and editing
  4. your ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced, deadline-demanding election schedule
The MSAT Upper Division First Quarter Project:
Campaign Ads for Voters
What Does It Take to Change a Voter蘗s Mind?