Yes on Prop 7: Renewable Energy Generation

Produced by Iranesha Hilman, Gregory Intermaggio, Ren Plesa, Immer Rivera, Nathaniel Smith-Banks

Proposition 7 directly affects the lives of the general public as it will likely change the cost of utilities. Prop 7 creates a requirement that by 2025, 50% of California’s power comes from renewable energy sources, which will create new competition in the field of alternative energy.

Unfortunately, the fiscal impact of the proposition is somewhat unknown, and so we chose to target our ad on those who will be most impacted by utility cost changes if the proposition passes. The reasoning behind our decision is that utility bill payers are concerned about whether their bills will go up or down based on the effects of Prop 7. Our ad attempts to stir the logos and ethos in the narrative by talking about how it will positively impact the economy. We also work our viewers’ pathos through imagery, by showing vivid images connected to strong emotions, such as coal factories, open fields, and family.

Posted by Justin Wells : 11/20/2008