Yes on Prop 1A: High Speed Rail

Produced by Mark Alvarado, Ricardo Gutierrez, Timothy Kwan, Roxana Rodriguez, Miguel Serrano

We believe that our targeted audiences are young environmentalists between the ages of 18 and 25. Through various interviews we realized that mostly every single older male or female is already supportive of the proposition due to its economic convenience. But our swing voters are in conflict about what this proposition would do to our environment. Our targeted voter might vote yes on this prop because of the train’s reduction of California’s CO2 emissions and being an overall cleaner method of travel. These voters might vote against this because of the biological impact on California’s environment due to the intensive construction that will take place on the Californian soil. We are trying to appeal to our target voter’s emotions through scenes of green environments. We will also tackle the voter’s emotions through scenes of pollution and traffic/congestion exposing air pollution.

Posted by Justin Wells : 11/20/2008