Yes on Prop 8: Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry

Produced by Katrina Cubilo, Jessica Hernandez, Erick Lopez, Kevin Ruiz, Osiris Walls

The target voters, the single driving force behind our entire campaign project, are young independent-minded Christians. The reason this target demographic is the swing voter is because of the two conflicting sides within them. On one hand, they have a deep-held faith that they were brought up with, but on the other hand they have a free mindedness about them. They hold these two ideas in their minds but, with enough influence, we can sway them our way. Using images of the church, traditional and wholesome American values, and the voice of a potential peer, our commercial will swing our target voter in our favor. Finding the swing voters on this issue was not an easy task. Most voters already had their minds made up, but because of a chance encounter with one young potential voter, we were able to pinpoint our swing voter.

Posted by Justin Wells : 11/20/2008