Yes on Prop 5: Nonviolent Drug Offenses

Produced by Nazan Aktas, Maria Arteaga, William Gordon, Canique Moody

Our target voters are parents because parents are really confused about what Prop 5 is going to do if passed. They have to see and know facts and understand what this proposition is going to do to their children if these children get arrested for possession of marijuana. We use pathos in our commercial because our ad was designed to hit parents’ emotions, to force them to think about what can happen to their kids if they are sent to jail for drug related crimes and don’t get the help they need. We use images of a boy growing up into a drug addict, then a dealer who goes in and out of jail, and eventually dies, showing parents that if he had gone to rehab instead of jail he may not have gotten back into drugs and wouldn’t have died because of them. We are hoping that they will feel bad for the boy in the video and think of what they would rather have their kids do: go to rehab.

Posted by Justin Wells : 11/20/2008