Yes on Prop 4: Parental Notification of Minor's Abortion

Produced by Marlena Benavente, Zulma Montesinos, Julie Paulino, Nicholas Porter, Haley Robinson

Our target voters are single men between the ages of 18 and 30. They are far away from the issue and do not plan on having a family soon, making them easy to be convinced. We discovered through our focus group research that they also know little about the initiative. Our commercial was designed to sway its voter with the argument that sexual predators aren’t only “old sick” men that take advantage of young self-conscious girls. These sexual predators are also guys that can be “the guy next door.” Our target voter is meant to feel sympathy for victims of these relationships through our photo choices which explain the situation that girls are in. Our target voters should feel moved to protect the young girls by voting yes on prop 4.

Posted by Justin Wells : 11/20/2008