Yes on Prop 2: Treatment of Farm Animals

Produced by Vee Mendoza, Alex Montgomery, William Ross, Marissa Sonkin, Nelson Yang

Through interviews with the general public, we have found that those most concerned with food prices are those that shop for their families: househusbands or housewives, ideally wary of their families eating habits. Statistically speaking, the majority of families are from the middle class and are concerned with prices of groceries, yet are also willing to pay more for the food that influences their families’ health. We decided to reach this group through a health and safety standpoint rather than one of animal rights, because those sympathetic to animals are already supporting Proposition 2. Already counting on the animal sympathy vote, we avoided images of animal cruelty and used images of children to emphasize feelings of family instead.

Posted by Justin Wells : 11/20/2008