Benchmark #07: Program Notes

due 10/22

Your ad must be accompanied by a short summary of your intent that will serve as program notes for the audience on exhibition night, as well as the caption for your video when it is posted on the Internet.

Your notes should run at about 100 words, and should cover the following:

Notice that these program notes are effectively a condensed version of your Commercial Treatment Proposal, minus the narrative description of what the ad looks like.

Submit a first draft of your program notes when you present a rough cut of your film to the class.

An Example

No on 90

We identified Republican men who are 35 or older as swing voters on Proposition 90. Because this group supports the rights of property owners, they are likely to vote yes. But we also learned in our interviews that Republican men are generally opposed to taxes and government spending, and they are unaware of the hidden costs of this proposition. Our ad portrays Prop 90 as an economic rather than a property rights issue. We highlight that there are hidden dangers with our “taxpayer trap” slogan and image. We appeal to the emotions of Republican voters by warning them of unneeded lawsuits and higher taxes.