No on Prop 7: Renewable Energy Generation

Produced by Gale Bergeman, Matthew Centeno, Ja'Na Nunley, Gabriel Prentice, Daniel Schreil

We decided that our target voters are middle class taxpayers who are supporters of the environment. We came to this conclusion after doing research and a series of interviews that showed that people were generally interested in doing something positive for the environment but weren’t in favor of raising any taxes. Our commercial’s objective is to show voters that Prop 7 is a scheme that appears to be helping the environment but is such a flawed and costly measure that is actually anti-green. Our commercial uses pathos and ethos in order to sway our target voter. The images we chose appealed to our voter’s feelings as caregivers, drawing a comparison between the environment and one’s children, especially with the image of the green Earth being held in someone’s hands. This is also reinforced by the bandaged-Earth, likening it to a child scraping her knee.

Posted by Justin Wells : 11/20/2008