No on Prop 4: Parental Notification of Minor's Abortion

Produced by Aaron Karnatz-Breaux, Jovante Mirabella, Angelica Padilla, Cristina Wong

The target voters for our campaign ad are mothers of any age who were once teenage mothers, and who now have teenage daughters themselves. We found that they are undecided when it comes to Proposition 4. We focus on this demographic because they understand how it feels to be pregnant and not know how to tell their parents. They understand that you don’t always have that connection with your parents and that forcing that connection will only make the issue harder to deal with. We are showing that the daughter-parent connection isn’t always there and that it can be scary to come to a parent when dealing with an issue such as pregnancy. On the other hand, our target voter group also understands that being a parent, you always want to know what you child is doing and keep them safe. We use black and white photos to make the ad more sad and serious. We also include a video of a mother and teen daughter to reflect what they have in their lives and feel connected to our viewpoint. We use a clip of a doctor to make the information given more believable. The music is slow and sad to target our voters’ emotions.

Posted by Justin Wells : 11/20/2008