No on Prop 9: Criminal Victims' Rights

Produced by Sheronda Caldwell, Alejandro Castro, Ronnie Freeman, Araceli Leon, Axel Melgoza

Our target voters are men and women between ages 25-35 in the lower middle class. We believe that they should be targeted because they are the ones who do not have the substantial amount of money to bail loved ones out of jail and would have to rely on the results of court hearings. What the target voters will see is that Proposition 9 will not benefit everyone. It threatens people’s rights to equality and justice. Our group is using rhetorical devices such as logos and pathos. Our attempts at logos show many facts about the ill effects of the proposition’s passing. We use pathos with some pictures and scenes that reflect on what will happen if Prop 9 does pass and how it will affect people’s lives. Our ad is a mixture of pictures, text, and narration. We are presenting the prop by “selling” it to the capitalist society in which everybody buys products. We show voters they should not buy this “product” because it will hurt you in the end and you will not be happy with the results.

Posted by Justin Wells : 11/20/2008