No on Prop 4: Parental Notification of Minor's Abortion

Produced by Brittany Burrows, Roberto Ferreira, Sheida Meltone, Abigail Prieto-Valenzuela, Mitzy Velazquez

After hitting the streets and raiding our homes with interview questions, we came to the agreement that men would certainly be our target voter. “Why would men be heavily passionate about an issue that doesn’t even affect their gender?” we thought, and it’s true. Men don’t care much about Prop 4, because they’re unfamiliar with the topic, and that is our goal: to enlighten these men, and bring their vote over to our side. The right side. Doing some market research on men, we realized that a heartbeat during the video would pull a strong pathos. Stating too many facts would confuse some; instead, pictures of abused girls would reveal the effects of voting yes on Prop 4. We made the message quite simple. Vote No on Prop 4.

Posted by Justin Wells : 11/20/2008