Benchmark #01: Ballot Review

due 9/19


Date due: 9/19
Date introduced: 9/15

Using the information and websites provided to you, familiarize yourself with what’s on the ballot on November 4. Then write a two-page essay proposing what you would like to make an ad for and with whom you would like to make it.

There are no absolute guarantees, but the more persuasive your proposal, the higher the likelihood of being granted your request.

Part 1

Identify your top three choices of ballot measures, in order of preference. You can specify which position you would like to take on the measure (for or against), but you do not have to. Your discussion of each preference should include the following:

Part 2

Identify one student in your block with whom you would like to work and explain why. If you do not have a preference, then leave this part out of your essay.

Also, please identify which arts class or classes you are taking here at Metro.

Research Sources