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The Invisible Hand

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Crime and Punishment
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Summer School: Fixing NCs

If you received an NC in World Literature for the second semester of 08-09, it means you have not submitted a final draft of Writing Assignment #7: Intertextual Analysis. All instructions and supporting materials are posted on the assignment’s web page. When you have finished a final draft that meets all the criteria of the submission checklist, email it to me.

If you received an NC in Government/Economics for the second semester, it means that your performance on the final exam was not adequate to earn credit for the course. To fix your NC, you must resubmit answers to the Economics half of the final exam that demonstrate a proficient understanding of the key concepts of the course. Read the detailed instructions for fixing an Economics NC.

Over the Weekend: June 6-7

If you haven’t already

  • Bring back all your novels
  • Finish WA#7
  • Email me a copy of WA#7

Study, study, study for the final exam.

Everything you need to prepare is posted in the Final Exam Study Guide, including a pdf of the practice final Keynote slides we went over in class.

Finals schedule:

Monday, 6/8: G Block
Tuesday, 6/9: E Block

Week 37: June 1–5

Finals Schedule
(Econ and Lit)

  • G Block – Monday June 8
  • E Block – Tuesday June 9

Here we are: the last week of class for the 08-09 school year. We spend our classtime preparing for next week’s final exam.

On Monday we wrap up the Invisible Hand unit and take a detailed look at what’s on next week’s final exam for both literature and economics.

On Tuesday you take a “sneak preview” final in which you practice writing answers to questions that are similiar to and even identical to what you will see on the final exam.

Thursday we debrief the practice final with screenshots and discussion of strategy.

Friday (Last day of class): TBA

Important: Many of you are still working to finish Writing Assignment #7: Intertextual Analysis, the major assignment of the year. Get this paper in as soon as you can; it is a requirement for passing English.